Thursday, March 5, 2009

A hairy situation

Why do we, as women, need so many things when we take a shower?(and not only then , but now I'm talking about this specifically). I mean, the goal is pretty simple. Lather up with soap and get clean. One bar of soap would be all one needs. But why make things easy when they can be complicated and take a long time. Why not have 75 bottles of crap, that take 2-3 minutes each and after you get out, there's a few more waiting to be applied to damp hair. With all the stuff in, I should just jump right back in the shower, my hair is so heavy with them. I was looking in there earlier when I was taking a shower and I counted all the bottles of shampoos and conditioners and God knows what else I have in there. 9. That's the number I came up with. 9. Not including shavers and scrapers and loofahs! Unbelievable. And guess how many my husband has? Yup.2. A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and a bar of soap. Must be great to be a guy.

And even with all the so called help from my wonder bottles, my hair is still a poofy mess.

Not fair!!

An unnerved,

Married Georgia

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For the girl with the broken smile

First, I was going to name this "Ode to my friend" but i thought maybe it'd be a little much. My second choice was "My declaration of love" which you will agree would have been way less lame and / or cheesy. Finally, I went with an inside joke. If any of our many followers is interested to know what that's about (and I'm looking at you Roger!), just ask and you shall get a reply.

But i digress.

One of the greatest feelings in the world in my humble opinion is to feel like somebody gets you: they get your sense of humour, the get your sadness, they get your craziness and your emotional storms, your bad TV habits and questionable (to some) life choices and even when you're not sure of anything anymore, they still think you're worth a phone call (almost) every day.

And that's no small gift, people.. for me one of those very, very (and i mean very) few people who fit that description just happens to be one of the most fabulous, funny, smart, quick-witted, kind-hearted, brave, thoughtful, fiercely loyal, get-shit-done people you could ever have the fortune of calling your friend.

Since she's not getting anything for her birthday this year (oh, you didn't know? 29 doesn't even deserve a mention), I thought this should be enough sucking up till next year.

This one's for you, capri.
A ta prietena pentru totdeauna,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I could not wait to get to Florida this weekend.

All I wanted to do is sit on the beach and watch Luke play in the sand while I sipped a few(5)margaritas..It started very well, the car trip there went fine even though it took us 11 hours. My Mom, God bless her, did everything in her power to keep Luke occupied. She pretty much talked non-stop to him. Look Honey, see the truck? and the sky? and the birds? and the plane? and mommy pulling her hair out??
But we got there and we couldn't be happier. We stayed with my dad in his 1 bedroom apt. There's lots of things going on with this apartment. His windows do absolutely nothing to keep the noise out. And it just so happens that it's right near the fire station. And apparently there are many emergencies in Riviera Beach. Especially at night. All requiring sirens. The louder the better. And when they leave the station, it seems that they come right through my dad's living room, we can hear them that well. Another noise issue are the neighbors. They looove riding in their cars with the music volume turned way above human limits. Or just sit in front of their houses doing the same thing. As if this wasn't enough, my dad's mattress box makes the weirdest and loudest noises when I touch it in the slightest way. And since I have to sleep in the same room with Luke, I have to figure out a way to get in bed without waking him up. I have to have a plan. I try to put my leg right in the middle of the bed so then I can catapult myself at once and only make one big noise instead of multiple ones. Easier said than done and I end up losing my balance and crashing and creating many more sounds that I've planned. Then, of course, I have to remain still for the rest of the night.

But by some miracle, my dear baby manages to sleep in this chaos. That until his fever kicked in. Because ever since we got there he's been having high fever. So instead of going to the beach and enjoying ourselves we had to go to the doctor and give him lots of medicine, which didn't help anyway.
And because Murphy's Law never disappoints, now that we're back home, he's feeling much better. And I'll take that happily over any vacation.
We'll just have to hope that next time things will go better.

A vacation deprived,
Married Georgia

Monday, March 2, 2009

Office space

I heard this thing on the radio this morning about a teenager who managed to declare an official "cuss free" week in LA county and planned to take it national. Yeah, good luck with that, kid!

So that got me thinking about how ever since I moved to Canada I have a new-found love and appreciation for swearing in Romanian. This was never a favourite hobby of mine and weirdly enough when I was back home, I used to only curse in English.. I guess according to my twisted logic, swearing in a different language than the one spoken in the country where you find yourself, automatically erases the bad karma of a good cuss. I wonder if MG has the same MO.

Now the greatest satisfaction i get from cussing is when the copy machine starts acting up.. I know i probably should know better than to take the malfunctions of office equipment personally, but there's just something about the phrase "paper jam in tray 4" that sends me over the edge. I'm aware of how crazy it sounds, but if it makes it any better I'm not the only one that has lost her temper over its moods. I swear IT has a full (and really shitty) personality. See what i mean? I just start talking about IT and potty-mouth syndrome kicks into high gear.. anyhoo, the funny thing is that whenever anybody else is blowing a vein cause their document got jammed and is about to start kicking IT, i just swoop in, all calm and collected and fix IT. That's right, just like that.. But God forbid that IT does anything to my documents!! Then it gets personal. and that's when I start spewing the most impassionate Romanian curses.. coz I'm classy like that.

A bilingually cuss-loaded,