Monday, March 2, 2009

Office space

I heard this thing on the radio this morning about a teenager who managed to declare an official "cuss free" week in LA county and planned to take it national. Yeah, good luck with that, kid!

So that got me thinking about how ever since I moved to Canada I have a new-found love and appreciation for swearing in Romanian. This was never a favourite hobby of mine and weirdly enough when I was back home, I used to only curse in English.. I guess according to my twisted logic, swearing in a different language than the one spoken in the country where you find yourself, automatically erases the bad karma of a good cuss. I wonder if MG has the same MO.

Now the greatest satisfaction i get from cussing is when the copy machine starts acting up.. I know i probably should know better than to take the malfunctions of office equipment personally, but there's just something about the phrase "paper jam in tray 4" that sends me over the edge. I'm aware of how crazy it sounds, but if it makes it any better I'm not the only one that has lost her temper over its moods. I swear IT has a full (and really shitty) personality. See what i mean? I just start talking about IT and potty-mouth syndrome kicks into high gear.. anyhoo, the funny thing is that whenever anybody else is blowing a vein cause their document got jammed and is about to start kicking IT, i just swoop in, all calm and collected and fix IT. That's right, just like that.. But God forbid that IT does anything to my documents!! Then it gets personal. and that's when I start spewing the most impassionate Romanian curses.. coz I'm classy like that.

A bilingually cuss-loaded,


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