Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I could not wait to get to Florida this weekend.

All I wanted to do is sit on the beach and watch Luke play in the sand while I sipped a few(5)margaritas..It started very well, the car trip there went fine even though it took us 11 hours. My Mom, God bless her, did everything in her power to keep Luke occupied. She pretty much talked non-stop to him. Look Honey, see the truck? and the sky? and the birds? and the plane? and mommy pulling her hair out??
But we got there and we couldn't be happier. We stayed with my dad in his 1 bedroom apt. There's lots of things going on with this apartment. His windows do absolutely nothing to keep the noise out. And it just so happens that it's right near the fire station. And apparently there are many emergencies in Riviera Beach. Especially at night. All requiring sirens. The louder the better. And when they leave the station, it seems that they come right through my dad's living room, we can hear them that well. Another noise issue are the neighbors. They looove riding in their cars with the music volume turned way above human limits. Or just sit in front of their houses doing the same thing. As if this wasn't enough, my dad's mattress box makes the weirdest and loudest noises when I touch it in the slightest way. And since I have to sleep in the same room with Luke, I have to figure out a way to get in bed without waking him up. I have to have a plan. I try to put my leg right in the middle of the bed so then I can catapult myself at once and only make one big noise instead of multiple ones. Easier said than done and I end up losing my balance and crashing and creating many more sounds that I've planned. Then, of course, I have to remain still for the rest of the night.

But by some miracle, my dear baby manages to sleep in this chaos. That until his fever kicked in. Because ever since we got there he's been having high fever. So instead of going to the beach and enjoying ourselves we had to go to the doctor and give him lots of medicine, which didn't help anyway.
And because Murphy's Law never disappoints, now that we're back home, he's feeling much better. And I'll take that happily over any vacation.
We'll just have to hope that next time things will go better.

A vacation deprived,
Married Georgia

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