Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Equal parts soul and awesomeness

I know, dear friends (and by friends i mean Roger), it's been a while... but we' re back! we kinda neglected our little pet project in the last couple of months, but we're getting back on track now. Right, MG? ;)

Last night i went to see what turned out to be one of the most delightful shows i've seen in a while.. I didn't really know what to expect, even though I had seen this singer before on SNL and at the Grammys... but those snippets didn't do justice to the adorableness that is Adele.

Her voice is so rich and filled with heartbreak it's almost impossible to believe the girl is only 19! i know, i know, i sound like Randy on AI (Yo, dawg, this girl is only 19!), but i can't help but be amazed by her soulfulness.. What i found even more surprising though, was how wonderfully charming the girl is. She was so cute and funny and broke into such spontaneous, silly, but completely winning monologues in between songs that i honestly wanted to take her home and say: you are now my bestest friend, please entertain me! Oh, and that London accent... Cuteness overload, i tell ya..

I'm gonna now go all Nostradamus on you and predict that this girl is going to be a huge star! I just hope that won't ruin her personality. You know that someone is still super genuine and unaffected by sudden fame when she asks the audience at her concert to raise their hands so she can take a picture for her myspace page...
Melodically yours,

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  1. What a relief! I thought you girls had fallen out of love. Welcome back SC and MG!