Sunday, May 24, 2009


After 3 looong years of waiting and planning, it finally happened. Married Georgia decided it was high time to see her beloved friend, Single Canada, at her house in Montreal. And boy, what a great decision that was!

It felt like a trip back to when I had nobody else to worry about but myself. I kind of forgotten my pre-mom self..where I could have an uninterrupted conversation, where I could sleep until 10Am and where I did not have to change one single diaper!! I took these simple things for granted back then, and now they have become a luxury. So for me, these 5 days spent with my friend have been so refreshing and exhilarating!

I was spoiled rotten by SC, who not only took care of my every need, but she ended up offering me her own things on top of all the gifts she already had ready for me. She either wanted to shut me up or she was just that awesome. I'm leaning towards the latter. I hope I'm right!
The fun started somewhere between "Hi!! I missed you! and "Come on, hop in the car and meet Andrew, our driver/guide for the next 3 hours. I only live 30 mins away, but he needs to pick up 4 other people and their chickens and after that we'll shortly be on our way,k?" . Needless to say, the fun never stopped. Yes guys, there were pillow fights, mud wrestling and bubble baths. That's how we roll.

So, I just wanted to say thank you again, Mitz, because I had a wonderful time over there with you!
And for all the single guys out there, you might not want to miss this one, because she's one in a billion! Don't let her get away! She makes the best coffee and knows the best brunch restaurants in town! If only I were a boy..or at least gay.

A fun-filled,
Married Georgia

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