Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not so funny anymore

I know, Roger, it's been too long... but I'm back... Hopefully, MG got all her technical glitches fixed and we can get back on track with our blog baby, whom we've been ignoring quite blatantly for the last couple of months.. what can we do if we only have mildly interesting stories to share once every couple of months?

So about a year ago, I was shopping for cards (one of my favourite ways to kill a lunch hour) when I came across a very simple, completely black card that just read 30 in letters of doom. Inside, it said: 'It's all a big joke until it happens to you..' at the time, i remember finding it absolutely hilarious.. Yeah, guess who's laughing now? Well, certainly not me...

I'm very, very quickly approaching that big milestone and i'm feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by all the mixed emotions.. On the one hand, i'm no way near where i thought i was going to be at this age back when i was 15.. there's no steady relationship, no children, no big carreer.. on the other hand, i've done things that i couldn't even dream about when i was growing up.. and i'm feeling much better in my own skin than i did 10 years ago... so these conflicting thoughts have been battling it out in my head for the last couple of months, deciding what kind of day i'm having..

But today is a good day. Today I feel like hitting the big 3-0 is only the beginning to the rest of my life and that who knows, maybe the best is yet to come.. Today i choose to believe that we really do just get better with time and that a woman truly hits her stride in her 30s.. can I get a "hell, yeah", Mitz?

Yeah, that'll probably last me until the next freak-out, which will most likely begin in 3, 2, 1.. aaaaaaaahhh, this can't be happening to me!!!

Geriartrically yours,

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