Friday, February 13, 2009


So the photo that launched a dozen hits achieved a minor miracle yesterday.. Now, it may not mean much (if anything) for the average person, it won't solve the financial crisis and it definitely won't cure any fatal disease.. But it already managed to give me something i have been missing in a good long while: a tiny bit of hope that there may be better days to come.

The suspense must be killing you, so i'll just go ahead and say it: I got asked out on a date. No, no, the end of the world isn't next, for you cynicals out there! Although you never know..

The irony of the fact that my first date in centuries will be on Valentine's day is not lost on me... i can't quite decide if that's kinda romantic or very cheesy..

For now i'm just enjoying the feeling of knowing i have something to look forward to for a change. And that's more than enough. Until tomorrow.

A kind-of-enjoying-her-status Single Canada

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