Tuesday, February 17, 2009

¡Vamos a la playa!

I finally did it... yes, i did! I booked my vacation.. and I am doing a little happy dance as we speak!

Look, I'm a summer person.. Always have been, always will be. But since i've made the transition to the great white North, where winter lasts 10 months and you can pretty much narrow down summer to a Thursday in July (my personal twist on a literal translation from "vara intr-o joi".. and that's how we do it), my longing for sunny summer days has grown exponentially. Please don't ask me what posessed me to willingly move to this country..
All i know is that tomorrow when the snowstorm that they keep threatening us with will hit, i will be daydreaming of palmtrees, sand and sun and thanking the Almighty for inspiring what I suspect was the laziest man ever to come up with THE most awesomest idea of all time: having a bar IN the pool.
A beach-bound Single Canada

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