Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Mom comes to town..

Since my son was born, I've been a stay at home mom and I do everything around here, from laundry to cooking and cleaning and everything in between. Aww, did you just pat my back? Thanks!

Around Christmas my mom came here to stay with us for a few months and help a little. I couldn't be happier! Thing is though, that for almost 2 months now I barely do anything anymore. She cooks, does laundry, cleans and even babysits Luke. All I do now is move from one couch to the other to watch TV or play spider solitaire and surf the internet. I've become so lazy! You'd think that by resting all the time, I would actually have lots of energy and desire to do stuff, but negative..No energy here. What is going on? I should be loving this situation, right? Next week she will go see my dad for a month so I am very curious to see how hard will it be for me to get back in the game.

Maybe I also need a vacation! Aly, can I please come along with you? I need more time sitting on my butt doing nothing. That should help.

I'm going to get myself out of this'll see! But now, excuse me while I go finish my game of solitaire..I've got to keep my percentage numbers up. It's what I live for right now.

A lazier than ever,
Married Georgia

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