Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catching ZZZs

I had such a good night's sleep last night! I feel so rested! NOT! My son, Luke, who's 2, woke up crying at 4 in the morning, probably from a bad dream..I get him back in bed and sleeping quickly but it doesn't last long until he's crying again. But this time, he doesn't want to go back to his crib. So I bring him in bed with me and my husband. He doesn't want his name revealed so I will call him Mr.Handsome. For some reason I think he will be OK with that. So, we get in bed with Mr.Handsome and Luke gets very cozy and starts dozing off. I knew exactly what was going to happen next but since I enjoy torturing myself I still brought the baby in bed with us. Right then, Mr.Handsome starts his louder than 2 trains colliding snore..and of course, Luke wakes up, I'm still up and all the neighbors are up. I know it's not necessarily his fault, but in times like that, all I want to do it rip his tongue out and feed it to the cat. It's that annoying! So, all I'm left to do is just sit there and try to predict the next loud snore so I can kick him before that happens. Meanwhile, my poor baby is tossing and turning, and can't fall asleep either. Only his father seems to have the best sleep! Nothing gets to him. Not even my kicks.
Towards 5.30, I couldn't take this anymore and we go in the living room and put Luke on the couch. I try to fit in there too, my butt half way hanging off and it's cold but I don't care. It's finally quiet and we can sleep. Just then, my cat starts scratching at her food jar. Meow? Meow? Stopppp!!! Can I feed her to my snoring husband now?
I throw the cat outside, find my way back on the couch again and it's happening. I'm falling asleep..
Mr.Handsome wakes us up at 8, all innocent looking..What's the matter guys? Why are you here??
If only I weren't so'd see what we're doing here..
So see Mitz, kids or no kids, married or single, a good night's sleep doesn't come by often.

Yours truly tired,
Married Georgia

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