Friday, February 13, 2009

Hopes and cookies..

I'm very excited for you my dear friend! I hope things will start going the right way for a change! I can't wait to hear the stories that will come out from these dates..because let me tell you people, there are always stories, but maybe this time they'll be less "he brought his mom and sister to meet me" and more "he picked me up in a helicopter and we had cheesecake on top of the world!".

I spent my day baking cookies with my son. We want to offer them tomorrow to Mr.Handsome as a Valentine's Day present. He's on a diet so a cookie will fit the spot. Of course I'll expect diamonds and pearls from him in exchange for my cookie. It's only fair.

OH, and the chocolate is gone. What will i do now?

Sending all good vibes,
Married Georgia

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  1. What a wonderfule blog you two beautiful ladies have. Mr. Handsome and Fabio are lucky men!