Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boys, boys, boys, I'm ready for the good times..

Ah, boys... don't we just love them, straight ladies? i sure know i do.. Love their teasing, love their sense of humor and yes, even their almost ever-present cluelessneess. There's nothing quite like seeing yourself through the eyes of a guy that finds you interesting.

So as I said, I'm on these dating sites.. And recently i've changed my profile picture and noticed that all of a sudden I started getting more hits from interesting guys than a week ago, when i still had a perfectly presentable photo.

Mind you, I'm painfully aware of my place in the food chain.. far from me the thought that I might be God's gift to men. And i totally understand how much somebody's picture can make a difference in your desire to get to know them better or not. But i still find it absolutely fascinating how visually driven guys are.. I'm not saying girls aren't, but we definitely put less emphasis on it. As Ellen D would say: Am i right, ladies?

All of this to say: Boy, am i ever glad i posted that new picture...:)) Yup, that's how shallow I am.

So obviously Single Canada

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