Monday, February 16, 2009

More than lab reactions..

Such funny creatures we are... how is it that we can react like giggly school girls when faced with guys that are neither nice, nor particularly desirable, but can't quite find that undefinable "je ne sais quoi" when a genuinely decent, warm guy comes along...
I think you know where this is going..
Don't get me wrong, the date was great, the conversation flowed, there were some laughs, no awkward pauses, no minor or major incidents.. I even managed not to spill coffee on my white shirt (no small feat for me) and he didn't ask me if I was Chinese (which believe me, HAS happened before) was in many ways better than I could have hoped. And yet for a little more than 2 hours there was no flirting to speak of. Nope... none whatsoever. For those keeping score: Friendship potential 10 out of 10, Chemistry level 1 ouf ot 100...
Which is so infuriating.. Watching too many bad movies and reading too many lame self help books might lead you to believe that if you try hard enough, maybe you could just create "the magic" using one simple ingredient that all of us have plenty of: wishful thinking. But what if that's the advice coming from people who haven't found it either?..
So i'm torn.. In the meantime i haven't heard anything more from him either. Which i'm thinking should kinda give me a bit of a hint..`
A chemistry challenged,
Single Canada


  1. I'm sorry there wasn't much there Single. Keep trying and Mr. Handsome2 will come along.


  2. Awww.. thank you, Roger! You're very sweet.. and might I add, have excellent taste in blogs.