Monday, February 23, 2009

Home improvement

Let me start by saying that my husband, a.k.a Mr Handsome, does not usually enjoy removing himself from the couch, unless dinner is ready. In that case, he will tackle any unlucky bastard who happens to be in his way. He does however love a "project". So this past week he decided to paint the living room/family room. We did not stay in his way, we let him express his talents and he actually did most of the work by himself! I was a little afraid that his exuberance would only last until he realized that he needed to tape every inch of that damn room, and I was left to finish everything for him, but I was pleasantly surprised..He gained a few red dots in my book.

And then the aftermath of painting came, stuff was everywhere and mom and I were left to put it all back. It took us an entire day but now it looks clean and a little more put together. Of course, that will only last until my son gets up from his nap, but for a couple hours we remembered what it felt like to know where everything is. Before we know it, the books will be put back in the fridge and the ketchup will end up in one of my dresser drawers.

Oh..the joys a toddler can bring!

A more organized,

Married Georgia

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