Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love me today. It says so on the calendar.

As a married couple, we almost feel obligated to celebrate the big V day. Oh my, it's Valentine's day! We should do something, right? So we tried to do something. But being from Romania where we didn't really celebrate it, it wouldn't have mattered much to me if we went out on the 14th or on the 21st.."
Here are a few reasons why we'll consider going out for Valentine's Day on a different day:
*You won't be late to your dinner reservation because of traffic
*You don't need to sit so close to the other table so you can actually reach over and taste their bacon wrapped scallops
*You don't look like you're part of a group sitting at one big table, because you are ALL sitting so close to each other
*You won't need to pay double for everything on the menu - hellooo? we've been here before! we know what your regular prices are!
*Chances are you will find a parking spot
*You can have a coffee somewhere else after dinner without needing a reservation
*You can plan this evening around your period.

What's always nice to get though, Valentine's Day or not, is a card saying "You are the most beautiful woman I know". Even though I know that's sooo not true!
And also, having a cute little boy hand you a rose and a card, signed, Your little LOVE bug. cute is that!?

In love in Georgia,
Married Georgia

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