Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When you have waaay too many options

This morning, after i convinced myself that the alarm didn't go off in the middle of the night, yes it's really that late, fed the cat, took my shower and laughed out loud listening to snippets of David on painkillers (it's even better when you see it: - poor kid, he's SO out of it and so funny), i was getting dressed and thinking to myself: "See, Aly.. isn't it great when you think about what you'd like to wear the night before and you save so much time in the morning. You should do that ALL the time!". And i'm done getting dressed, look in the mirror and you guessed it: it doesn't work. Might as well accept it, it's just always gonna happen.

So, 5 outfits later i'm running kinda late and i start fixing my hair, which I had let air dry last night while temporarily insane, and of course that takes me ANOTHER 10 minutes, by which time I am officially horribly, horribly late and still look like i spent the night shooting heroine in my eyeballs and then got ready for work in the dark - i tried to adapt the "dormit pe trepte" in English, but wasn't so sure of the outcome: "spent the night in the stairwell"? yeah, still needs some work..

As does my morning routine.

Messy Single Canada

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